Wholesale terms

Our wall of greeting card inventory in our studio space.

Graphic Anthology, LLC reserves the right to make changes to product offerings, prices and terms 
without written notice. Actual product colors may vary from printed colors in our catalog or on this website. 

Initial order: $125.00 | Reorder: $50.00

7-10 business days

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are listed on item pages.

All products must be sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets may not be broken up and sold as individual cards.

We accept credit/debit cards. Itemized invoices are sent via e-mail prior to shipment and include shipping costs. Payment must be made prior to shipping. Net 30 terms may be extended to retailers with an established relationship with Graphic Anthology, LLC.

We ship via USPS or FedEx from our studio in Portland, Oregon. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

We will happily exchange any items shipped due to our error or which arrive to you damaged. Please report any damage or errors within 7 days of delivery.

Products (in good condition and original packaging) that are not selling well in your store may be exchanged within 90 days for other items that sell better. Shop worn items (items with damage, barcodes, or non removable price tags, etc.) cannot be exchanged.

Graphic Anthology, LLC does not offer area protection. While we are respectful of the desire for stores to have items that not every shop down the block has, as we grow, it is impossible to know about the retail landscape of your city or town. When possible, we will do our best not to sell to shops in direct competition in a close radius (ie: 2 florist shops within a few blocks of each other). We suggest you check out our stockists page if you have any concerns about what other shops may sell our product in your community.

It is our belief and experience that a fashion boutique and a bookstore can sell a similar selection in a small area because while they may have some overlap in clientele, their audiences are usually fairly unique and they are both curating and telling a different story. 

If protecting your area is important to you (or you live in a tiny community), please reach out to discuss more formal terms tied to order volume. 

Graphic Anthology, LLC does not permit purchased wholesale products to be sold on third party discount websites or online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and similar retailers. If you have any questions about this policy, please get in touch.

All work is © Graphic Anthology, LLC, all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, use, or alter any work without permission from the artist. Please credit Graphic Anthology, LLC in the product description of merchandise sold online.